We are a team of Creative personnel, technical experts, event manager , event planners & production specialists involved in every stage of event management. We are engaged in providing 360 degrees solutions in event management, event planning and event organizing.


Lighting Services, Audio Visual Services, Stage Service and Musical Instruments






How do you know you need AV?

AV is the Event industry term for Audio Visual equipment and refers to services relating to anything you want to see or hear at your event.

Small touches can also make quite a difference to the impact of your occasion. Even a small event with a speech to people standing or seated can benefit from a stage to bring focus to the presenter. This ensures people don’t strain themselves to get a good view. Having a small PA (public address system consisting of microphones and relevant speakers etc.) can help to amplify your message over background noise. Atmospheric lighting can be used where budgets are limited for décor and screens of all types are effective in reaching the whole audience effectively.

Why hire with us?

Many companies choose to hire on a regular basis for the following reasons :

It saves them the costs of inspection, maintenance, storage and repair of equipment They benefit from the expertise of our AV technicians.We set-up all the equipment for you and check that all connections work perfectly.We save you time to prepare for your event by handling all the Health and Safety paperwork.We give you peace of mind as we are fully insured for all locations.We have a technical team dedicated to ensuring that the right equipment is recommended based on your requirements and budget.



When being confronted with the task of planning a party, function or large event for your company, it can sometimes be a daunting and time consuming task. As a full service Event Production firm that has the knowledge and background to cater to your every need and request we are able to make your vision come to life through dedicated and specialized attention to you and your company. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you have a team you can trust to produce a spectacular event from start to finish with real time updates and direct access to your planner.

From securing the venue to hiring entertainment, creating incredible atmosphere & ambiance, designing invitations, managing guest lists, working with talented chefs to create specialized menus, providing all your staffing solutions and ultimately producing the entire event, there is not detail too big or too small for us to handle. Whether it is a company retreat, product launch, conference, corporate luncheon, cocktail party, fundraiser, team-building event, awards dinner, or anything in between, we have produced them all and have the ideal venue, resources and relationships to coordinate all aspects of your event!

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